My first driving lesson was a surprise birthday present from my wife Gini, in 1987 and occurred under the tutelage of Lisa Singer. Gini likes to say she created a monster of a driving enthusiast and it’s probably true. Years of pleasure driving led to even more years of combined driving competitions and then four years I enjoyed  working as a dealer for New England Carriage Imports.

In May of 2013 I took the next step and was appointed North American Importer of carriages by Poj-Kon of Dolsk, Poland. After multiple visits to the factory in Poland and my interaction with the Michalowski family I can not stress enough how excited I am about this new partnership. Not only is Poj-Kon willing to customize each and every carriage to the needs of each customer, but they continue to be  open to design enhancement recommendations that better address the needs of the North American driver. I continue to believe the future with this company can be nothing but bright.

I will continue to offer the same level of customer service that has always been my fist priority. I enjoy working with customers and their advisers to determine the best carriage to match the driver, the expertise level, the sport, and the equine.

Service before and after the sale will be our hallmark. We look forward to your inquiries.

Best Regards

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