NHF Advisors

Newt BrosiusNewt Brosius - New Heritage Farms Advisor

During my years as a competitor and especially these last four years as a carriage dealer, I’ve experienced the benefits of guidance from professional members of the driving community in choosing the best carriage for each individual driver. Instructors, trainers, and accomplished competitors are often an important part of the process.

NHF is committed to correctly matching the driver to the carriage, the equine and the activity. We actively collaborate with both the driver and Advisor by maintaining close communication, copying both parties on emails, discussing the carriage in question and working to guarantee the best possible solution.

We provide Advisors with state of the art design changes to assist them in their evaluation. In addition, we encourage and welcome their suggestions for design changes to meet the needs of the North American driver. Recently Advisor input resulted in a new carriage model and two additional design changes.

We are pleased to acknowledge the help and expertise of our Advisors and display a short bio and contact information on our website for your information.

Lisa Singer


Lisa Singer - Instructor, Trainer, Clinician, and Judge, 9 time US Pair champion and competitor at 8 World Championships. Instructor, Trainer, Clinician, and Judge, 9 time US Pair champion and competitor at 8 World Championships, was one of the first professionals to evaluate and then endorse Poj-Kon carriages when New Heritage Farm began representing the product as a dealer in 2008. Her dedication to the success of each carriage driver, at whatever level, has given support to NHF’s commitment to propose only the carriage that best meets the needs of each customer.

Lisa’s continued and expert input about the mechanical improvements needed in CDE carriages has been immeasurably helpful both from a competitive and safety perspective. Poj-Kon is more than willing to be guided in their carriage design by the US driving requirements.

We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

Cell: (610) 960-8695


Dave Rohrbach

Owner of Bee Tree Trail Carriage and Wagon ToursDave Rohrbach - Owner of Bee Tree Trail Carriage and Wagon Tours

New Heritage Farm Carriages welcomes  as a NHF Advisor! Dave’s decades long involvement with a wide variety of horse breeds and horse competition has made him the “go to” expert for questions from horse folks far and wide.

Since beginning his draft horse carriage business, Bee Tree Trail Carriage and Wagon Tours, Dave has mastered the art of driving multiple hitches including teams, unicorn, 4’s, 6’s, 8’s, and 10’s, 3, 4 & 5 abreast, 10 & 15 horse pyramids, tandem, random, quondam and “suicide” (5 horses in line).

With his wife Susie and “the boys” ( 17.2h Percheron geldings) Dave and BTT Carriage and Wagon Tours are known worldwide. You may have seen them on TV shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Say Yes to the Dress among others or in movies, at special events and parades.

Constantly training and conditioning his draft horses Dave has been in search of an ideal training and all around use carriage for some time. At last, working in collaboration with New Heritage Farm Carriages and our European manufacturer, Poj-Kon, the ultimate draft horse training carriage, the NHF MAX IV BTT was created.

Phone: 484-645-3411