About Poj-Kon







Małachowo 18
63-140 Dolsk, Poland


The Poj-Kon story began as Stanislaw Michalowski, pk2(meaning “horse drawn carriage”) was established by the Michalowski family in 1990 as a family business. In the 23 years since, Poj-Kon has produced  and sold over 21,000 carriages used for recreation, pleasure, training, and competition including Marathons, Wagonettes, and Presentation carriages ranging from Spiders to Sport Breaks.

pk3Poj-Kon works regularly on custom projects to satisfy customer expectations and requirements. Each carriage can be tailored to customer specific requests in addition to the normal options of varying brake, wheel, rim, trim, suspension system, seat type, and colors of carriage and upholstery.   Poj-Kon’s highly regarded reputation is a result of many years of experience, an acquired depth of knowledge, and a dedication to excellent workmanship.